The app for fast, easy, creative, and exciting photo editing

aCam features

The icon for filters, frames, stickers Create unique pictures using frames, stickers, filters, and overlay text tools that are updated regularly
The icon for app options Use a wide range of tools like contrasts, gamma, brightness adjustment, and more to make your photo unforgettable
The icon for collages Bring your imagination to life by creating collages, and slicing and resizing pictures. Create your own personal style
The icon for shares Save your artwork in your gallery and share it with your friends on social networks

About aCam

aCam – the photo app which allows to create your own unique history of unforgettable moments in your life. Simple to use, it is also functional, and combines the most popular tools for photo editing: filters, overlay text, stickers, frames.
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What can aCam do?

With aCam you can make unique and high-quality pictures using contrasts and tools to adjust gamma, brightness, and sharpness. You can also create outstanding collages, and resize or cut pictures. aCam can work as a photo camera, or you can edit existing photos from your gallery. The app allows you to share pictures with your friends by social media, email, MMS or other services.

How does aCam work?

Simply use:
  • choose the mode (photo cam or photo gallery)
  • make or choose the picture
  • choose a size or use the original one
  • use the app tools to create your own art
  • save and/or share your picture
Enjoy creating!
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aCam screenshots

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